Premium Expo Displays employ a simple process that allows for easy and constant communication between the business and the customers.

This enables us to ensure that our customers are receiving exactly what they are looking for.

First point of contact will enable you to better understand what we offer and for us to better understand what you require.

  1. Once you have chosen the product(s), we will send you an invoice, with the appropriate template for the graphics to be placed on.
  2. We will assess graphics to ensure measurements, resolutions and so forth are correct. If errors are found, you will be immediately informed and from our end we will do the best to assist yourself and graphic designer. Once everything has been approved by us, we will send you jpegs for approval. Once approval is received the printing may begin.
  3. Allowing 4-6 working days, the finished products will be ready to be sent out to either yourself or your client, depending on your requirements.
  4. Premium Expo Displays has contracts with many courier companies which allow delivery anywhere within Australia. You have the option of using our courier companies, to which the freight amount will be added to the invoice. However if you would like to arrange for your own pick up, the choice is completely up to you.

Premium Expo Displays prides itself in its loyalty to customers, and we guarantee that if there is any error or damage on our behalf, we will arrange for a replacement at no extra cost.


Payment options include Cheque, EFT or Credit Card. Payment must be received before goods are delivered

Please allow 4-6 days lead time.

In the event that you are faced with a urgent order which is not within our lead time of 4-6 days, urgent shipment may be organised for an additional fee.

Claims are to be made within 7 days of receiving the goods, no later. Claims can be made for dissatisfaction on our behalf such as printing errors or defective hardware.

Premium Expo Displays guarantees that if there is ever a fault on our end e.g. printing was not correct or hardware is defective, we will replace at no additional cost.